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Products & Services

By establishing a worldwide presence, UT-WAYS is able to meet your time-sensitive air & sea freight needs regardless of your point of origin with service and pricing customised to your specific requirements. 


With warehouse facilities located at the Changi Airfreight centre free trade zone, UT-WAYS is able to provide short and long-term storage solutions to our customers. We provide the following value-added services for your warehousing needs: 

•  Alleviate need for storage space and providing on-demand delivery as required 
•  Insurance coverage during storage 
•  Packing and re-packing services available

Air, Land & Sea Freight

• Door-to-door service by dedicated in-house staff 
•  Hassle-free custom clearance and insurance scheme available 
•  Goods arrived in Singapore cleared within 48 hours to avoid storage charges 
•  Warehouse available to provide storage solutions upon request 
•  Customisation of services with flexible pricing scheme tailored for special requirements 
•  Packing and re-packing of goods upon request during delivery

Cargo Insurance

With economies of scale and a reliable reputation, UT-WAYS is able to provide an integrated cargo insurance scheme for all goods at competitive prices. We provide the following value-added services for Cargo InsuranceS: 

•  Hassle-free insurance schemes for all goods regardless of mode of transportation and destination 
•  Competitive prices for goods insured

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