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UT-WAYS supported Kovan Youth Executive Committee in Kovan City of Sharing 2015

Step 1: Collect dry rations all over Kovan Step 2: Load it onto UT-WAYS truck Step 3: Bring back to PLK CC for sorting and packing Step 4: Deliver to beneficiaries Step 5: Watch them smile :) Organised by: PAYM, PLKYEC Beneficiaries: PERTAPIS Centre for Women and Girls, St Lukes Eldercare, Hougang Sheng Hong Family Service Centre, Society For The Aged Sick.

2015-01-24 15.04.42.jpg
2015-01-24 14.38.56.jpg
2015-01-24 14.38.36.jpg
2015-01-24 14.17.44.jpg
2015-01-24 13.22.59.jpg
2015-01-24 07.38.50.jpg

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